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Athlete, Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Performance Coach

Kathy Brodeur
Kathy Brodeur

Kathy Brodeur

Is the successful owner of The Iron Goddess health and wellness studio, fitness trainer, award winning athlete, former professional CFL cheerleader, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of the upcoming book The Iron Goddess Code.

A number of years ago, Kathy’s life was at a serious crossroads. After being in an emotional and psychological abusive relationship, Kathy knew she had to leave and that her life needed to change. And it did. She came out the other side, with a powerful new freedom.

Stronger and more resilient than ever, Kathy found her passion, her purpose. She also knew she had to share this way of life, attitude, and newfound strength with other women. To help those who are continually questioning themselves, their self-worth, and relationships and steer them toward measurable, life altering change!

Kathy Brodeur

That’s why she developed The Iron Goddess, a transformational, total mind and body system that empowers women to be the most confident, passionate version of their self, both inside and out!

Because that’s what an Iron Goddess is:

Strong, Powerful, and Feminine.

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Whether you’re an individual looking to improve quality of life, a business looking to create goal oriented, empowered employees, or an organization looking for a motivational speaker, The Iron Goddess can help facilitate lifelong personal and professional change.

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